Hazel O'Connor Discography 2002

Recorded Live At Quasimodo Berlin

Format: CD Album Live
Label: Invisible Hands Music
Catalogue No: IHCD21
EAN: 5030559102127
Country: UK
Released: 2002

01 - Eighth Day
02 - Hanging Around
03 - If Only
04 - My Friend Jack
05 - Tell Me Why
06 - She Moved Through the Fair
07 - Big Brother
08 - Will You
09 - Runaway
10 - Spancil Hill
11 - Driftwood

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Hazel O'Connor - Acoustically Yours 2002

CD Review from www.annecarlini.com:
Recorded live at Quasimodo in Berlin in 2002, do not be confused and assume that this is the same recording as the one entitled Live In Berlin ... as it isn't! Bringing together eleven immediatly haunting renditions of songs both old and new, Hazel opens the set with her breakthrough single from Breaking Glass, 'Eighth Day' and follows it up with such classics as 'Hanging Around' and 'Will You'. With the accompaniment of harp, violin, fiddle, congas and other percussive backing the refined arrangements give songs such as 'If Only' and 'Big Brother' a completely new lease of life. Another wonderful element of this CD is that before some of the songs Hazel introduces them with a little backing story which then makes the tracks all that more special to us after all this time. The highlight track, for me at least, was the wonderful version of 'Hanging Around' that has to simply be now heard to be fully appreciated.
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Format: CD Album
Label: Invisible Hands Music
Catalogue No: IHCD20
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Producer: Gerard Kiely

01 - Meantime
02 - Na Na Na
03 - Prayer
04 - Take A Ride
05 - Agus And Brother Dub
06 - 5 In The Morning
07 - Time Has Come
08 - Something
09 - Skibbereen
10 - Rebecca

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Hazel O'Connor - 5 In The Morning 2002
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Format: CD Album
Label: Invisible Hands Music
Catalogue No: IHCD19
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Producer: Wolfgang Grasekamp

01 - D Days
02 - Runaway
03 - Black Man
04 - Spancil Hill
05 - Tell Me Why
06 - Hangin' Around
07 - Will You
08 - Eighth Day
09 - Calls The Tune
10 - If Only
11 - Reach
12 - Driftwood

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Hazel O'Connor - Live in Berlin 2002
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Format: CD Album
Label: Invisible Hands Music
Catalogue No: IHCD18
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Producers: Cormac De Barra, Fionan De Barra

01 - Still Breathing
02 - Scamaill
03 - Driftwood
04 - Big Brother
05 - Rebecca
06 - Blackman
07 - Thinkin' About You
08 - Blackwater Side
09 - Will You
10 - Calls the Tune
11 - Beyond the Breaking Glass

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Hazel O'Connor - Beyond The Breaking Glass 2002
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Format: CD Album/Digital download
Label: Kik Bak Music/ Mbop Global - Disonic
Catalogue No:SDHAZELCD1
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Producer: Mike Bennett
Genre: Trance/Newage

1. Find Me Bennett - O'Connor - Bassett
2. Utopian Probe Bennett - O'Connor - Guilfoyle - Bassett
3. Shadowcast Bennett
4. Celtic Fire Bennett - O'Connor - Bassett
5. Electra Seraphim Bennett
6. Waiting 4 You Bennett - O'Connor
7. Memory Fades Slow Bennett
8. Hidden Words Bennett - O'Connor - Carter
9. Shadowcast Continuum Bennett - O'Connor - Bassett
10. I Want Much More Bennett - O'Connor - Elliott-Smith - Larsen
11. Bonus Track - Memory Fades Slow (Blu Peter Mix) Bennett - O'Connor - Guilfoyle - Bassett - Holland

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X-ERT featuring Hazel O'Connor - Ignite 2002

CD Review By P. Coleman "PeaceColeman" from Amazon:
I am not a huge fan of dance music but mixing it with Hazel's Celtic folky sound certainly seems to work. Here is an album that is easy on the ear while still grabbing your full attention, and it is always over way too soon. Whether you like Hazel in her distant New Wave guise or prefer her more recent bluesy folky stuff it matters not because this album will satisfy. Without suggesting the presence of a duff track on the album my favourite tracks are, the quirky but edgy "I want much more" "Waiting 4 U" "Electra Seraphim" and the original version of the song she later recorded with Moya Brennan "Hidden (words)" I recommend this album to anyone, it will sit comfortably along side any of her other recordings or make a great introduction to her music. just buy it to check out how her voice has grown to be one of the most pleasing sounds in popular music.

Listen this album: www.mbop-promotions.co.uk/disonic.html
(Listen the wonderful dance track 10: "I Want Much More")
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