Hazel O'Connor Discography 2003


Format: CD Album Compilation
Label: Invisible Hands Music/Universal
Catalogue No: IHCD 31
EAN: 5030559103124
Country: UK

01 - Na Na Na
02 - Give Me An Inch
03 - Cuts Too Deep (Previously only available on vinyl)
04 - She Moves Through The Fair (Previously only available on vinyl)
05 - One More Try (Previously only available on vinyl)
06 - Push And Shove (with Chris Thompson, previously only available on vinyl)
07 - Time Ain't On Our Side
08 - Calls The Tune
09 - (Cover Plus) We're All Grown Up
10 - Thinkin' About You
11 - Hanging Around
12 - D-Days
13 - I Dream (with David Easter, previously only available on vinyl)
14 - Rebecca
15 - Eighth Day
16 - Refugees Of Love (Previously only available in Germany)
17 - Fighting Back (Previously only available on vinyl)
18 - Will You
19 - That's Life (Previously only available on vinyl)

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Hazel O'Connor - A Singular Collection 2003

CD Review from www.annecarlini.com:
As expected, A Singular Collection is an outstanding album from one of THE all-time underated talents of our time. This CD contains the fantastic ballad "Cuts Too Deep" from the still-as-yet unavailable on CD Smile album and shows Hazel perfectly in her ballad zone. "Calls The Tune", "Rebecca", the glorious 80s anthem classic "Will You" (in fact, one of the best ballads of all time!), and a cover of George Michael's "One More Try" (that George himself would be proud of) are other softer aspects to this great collection. The CD contains songs from seven of Hazel's exceptional albums plus non-LP singles such as "I Dream", "Push And Shove" (with Chris Thompson) and "Fighting Back" (from the TV series she starred in back in 1986). In fact, there isn't a song on here that didn't have huge hit potential had it been given the support of the powers that be - "That's Life", "Hanging Around", for example - but if you've liked any of the songs you've heard and are curious, I promise you won't be disappointed.

CD Review from astore.amazon.co.uk:
A Wonderful Collection! Just got a copy of Hazel's new CD. It's a fantastic collection of songs! Not sure what the last reviewer was on about - the CD has over 18 tracks and has Cuts too Deep off SMILE as well as some duet tracks that I'd never heard before. It also has all the favourites (Will You, D-Days etc.) so nobody will be disappointed. It even has some tracks form the Sony albums only released in Germany and the last track is a live version of That's Life. Fab!!!
Good on ya, Hazel!! This CD is a MUST for anyone who likes Hazel's music.
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