Hazel O'Connor Discography 2004


Format: CD Single
Label: Invisible Hands Music
Catalogue No: IHCDS 19
Country: UK
Released: 2004
Producer: Jez Larder

01 - One More Try
02 - Prayer
03 - Rebecca

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Hazel O'Connor - One More Try 2004

CD Review from www.irishabroad.com:
Post-punk pop icon Hazel O'Connor is back in the charts with a cover of George Michael's love ballad One More Try, originally issued on his 1986 hit album Faith. Hazel first aired her version of the song on her recent best-of album, A Singluar Collection, but has re-released it as a single, along with a couple of her own tunes. Hazel's rendition is touching and heart-felt, her unmistakable voice lending genuine emotion to Mr Michael's love-lorn sentiments. She cites the song as one of her favourites from the era, with lyrics that have personal resonation for her: I've had enough of danger, And people on the streets. I'm looking out for angels, Just trying to find some peace. The arrangement on the track is subtle and crisp, and the tune progesses at at leisurely pace, with harmonious backing vocals from TJ Davis and Angela Murrell providing a soothing suggestion of Gospel. The single contains two fine b-side tracks, both original creations of Hazel. The first, Prayer, is taken from her album Five In The Morning, and continues the langorous mood, combining lonely, echoing guitar riffs and some effective but inobtrusive tin whistle. The final track Rebecca ventures deeper into the realms of trad music, with some raw folk harmonies and melodious harp accompaniment. This is a fine selection of soft-and-gentle tunes, professionally presented and well worth a listen. Hazel will be promoting the single on her British tour, along with trad band Slide, starting at the Hammersmith Irish Centre on April 23. Telephone: 0208 563 8232, or log on to: www.hazeloconnor.com

David Stanford (Irish Post) 21 April 2004
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