Hazel O'Connor Collective Xmas single launch party "Re-Joyce"
The Assembly - Leamington Spa, UK - 2010 11 16

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Single release date 6th December 2010 - Proceeds will go to the Myton Hospice and Help The Hospices.
ITV Daybreak Official Release of Re-Joyce
ITV 1 Central Tonight 6pm (West and East Midlands region) and online at www.itv.com/central
It is the story behind Re-Joyce with interviews of the participants and of Joyce herself.
There will be clips of the video, the Leamington Assembly gig, and a look at the work of Myton Hospice.

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Bob Brolly MBE

Vince Hill

Hazel O'Connor

Carol Decker

Toyah Willcox

Pauline Black

Hazel O'Connor

Ranking Roger

Neville Staple

Bob Brolly MBE, Pauline Black, Hazel, Toyah, Steve Tombs
Photo gallery
L-R: Vince Hill, Bob Brolly MBE, Ranking Roger, Pauline Black, Hazel O'Connor, Toyah Wilcox,
Steve Tombs, Carol Decker, Neville Staple, Clare Hirst, Sarah Fisher, Andy Shortland,
Kev Lomas, Tony Dangerfield, Mark Roberts.
Vince Hill - Bob Brolly MBE - Ranking Roger - Pauline Black - Hazel O’Connor - Toyah Wilcox - Steve Tombs - Carol Decker - Neville Staple - Clare Hirst - Sarah Fisher - Andy Shortland - Kev Lomas - Tony Dangerfield - Mark Roberts

Pauline Black, Hazel O'Connor, Toyah Wilcox, Carol Decker

Clare Hirst, Andy Shortland, Sarah Fisher, Kev Lomas

Pauline Black, Hazel O'Connor

Ranking Roger, Pauline Black, Neville Staple

Neil Pyzer, Billy Davidson, Orlando LaRose

Steve Tombs - The Subterraneans

Tony Dangerfield - The Subterraneans

Mark Roberts - The Subterraneans

Hazel O'Connor, Tony Dangerfield, Clare Hirst, Kev Lomas

Clare Hirst, Hazel O'Connor

Hazel O'Connor, Toyah Wilcox

Pauline Black, Hazel O’Connor, Neville Staple

Andy Shortland