Hazel O'Connor - 2018 Tour dates

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All information featured on this page is accurate as far as we can tell. However, please make all sensible checks with the venue before parting with any money for tickets or before leaving on a journey to any of the shows that may be listed here.

An Evening With Hazel O'Connor with Sarah Fisher and Clare Hirst
An Evening With Hazel O'Connor and Sarah Fisher and Clara Hirst 2018
Friday 2nd March New Theatre Royal - PORTSMOUTH, UK
Saturday 3rd March Mill Arts - BANBURY, UK
Sunday 4th March McMillan Theatre - BRIDGWATER, UK
Wednesday 7th March Cornerstone - DIDCOT, UK
Thursday 8th March The Old Market - HOVE, UK
Friday 9th March Plough Arts - GREAT TORRINGTON, UK
Saturday 10th March Discovery Centre - WINCHESTER, UK
Friday 16th March Prema Arts - ULEY, UK
Sat 17th March Carnglaze Caverns - LISKEARD, UK

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