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Hazel O'Connor

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Hazel O'Connor

When the Society's Events Officer Matt Parkinson discovered that 'Breaking Glass' film star, singer, songwriter and well-known vegetarian, Hazel O'Connor, was performing at Manchester's Life Café, he seized the opportunity to join Hazel for a nice cup of tea...
Hazel O'Connor Why did you become vegetarian?

I saw a programme called 'The Animals', narrated by Julie Christie, in 1982, and I can still remember a specific scene with two farmers talking about how to get their pigs up a ramp and into a lorry, which would transport them to the abattoir.

I realised two things: firstly, I didn't want to be like those farmers. Secondly, these pigs were intelligent animals and knew what fate awaited them. I decided that I didn't want to eat them anymore. At first, I decided that I would just give up factory farmed meat, but even the free-range and socalled organic meat seemed to scream at me, and I soon realised that I didn't have a taste for any of it! .../...
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